Deposit (Receiving): You can receive payments in coincaa with a small fee (1%).
Withdrawal (Transfer): Sending fee will depend on your wallets addresses transfer, mean if you will transfer 1 BTC and you have balance in your 10 address, the system will charge a low fee if you have 1 BTC and your balance is in 100 BTC then the system will charge medium or high fee.That fee will be bitcoin miners fee, and coincaa will charge 1% on sending transaction with bitcoin fee.
Addresses (For Deposit): You can generate 20 unused address for free, UNUSED mean if you will generate address and not deposit money on it, its mean that unused, after 20 unused address you will charge 1$ for next 20 unused address, we recommend that please use 18 or 19 address with a small transction for use it free for life time.

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